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Living In Brushy Creek

Brushy Creek Texas is a hidden gem of superb suburban living; there’s simply no other way to say it. Tucked between Round Rock and Cedar Park, this small neighborhood of only about 7 square miles houses about 20,000 folks.

Living Next to the Creek in Brushy Creek Texas

As the name implies, the community is defined by the creek that bisects it. Brushy Creek runs through Cedar Park, Brushy Creek, and Round rock before snaking its way further east on a 69 mile journey. A beautiful respite from the heat of a summer’s day, the creek has always attracted people to the calm waters and mystical moments of sunlight filtered through the dense streambank foliage.

In prehistoric times, it had everything a person could ask for: trees for fires, water from the creek, rocks to make tools, and fish for eating. Honestly, not much has changed, except that most folks head to Hill Country Kettle Korn instead of catching fish.

A Tale of Two Sides of the Creek

The creek cuts from west to east, creating two sides to Brushy Creek where both sides are fantastic and equally as nice to call home. The north side is highlighted by large clumps of trees, beautifully large plots of land, and a very open feel. The south side of the creek has curved, manicured neighborhoods dotted with cul-de-sacs and numerous parks.

Parks, Schools, and Home Sweet Home

  1. Creekside Park and PoolLarge pecan and walnut trees shade the little tots climbing on the playground and enjoying 3.5 acres of open space.
  2. Cat Hollow ParkA great place to have a picnic, this 11 acre park has a swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, baseball/kickball field, open fields, playground, shade trees, and more.
  3. 2 Disc Golf Parks — Try your hand at one of the most relaxing sports invented.
  4. Brushy Creek Greenbelt — 13 miles of trail follows the wonderful creek.
  5. Olson Meadows ParkThis enormous park (54 acres) has everything and more, plus it’s adjacent to the popular Williamson County Regional Trail System.

Did I mention parks? Frankly, it’s hard to walk five minutes without running into a park, pulling out your favorite novel and lounging under a shade tree. In fact…

Brushy Creek is almost entirely residential areas, parks, and schools

And yet it’s so darn close to downtown Austin if you need a night on the town. Who wouldn’t want to call that home?!

If you’re interested in finding a home in Brushy Creek Texas, contact us. At the Texas 512 Team, we’ve worked hard to become the local experts on Central Texas real estate — let us do the work, and we’ll exceed your expectations.