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Living In Hyde Park

Located a handful of blocks north of the University of Texas, Hyde Park Texas is over 95% single-family residential buildings. Originally touted as a neighborhood for Austin’s elite in the middle and late 19th century with large luxurious homes, the area shifted to a working person’s community, with rustic bungalows and modest frame houses. Those contrasting architectural styles dominate the area today and give it a heart-warming character, filled with:

  1. Small Parks

  2. Charming Homes

  3. Unrivaled History

  4. Community Pride

It’s All About the History

In 1990, the Elizabeth Ney Museum, Fire House, and 42 historic buildings in Hyde Park were added to the National Register of Historic Places. The pride of the community led to many residents restoring homes and buildings through hard work and dedication. Of course, no good deed goes without a celebration. In October each year, you can participate in the Fire Station Festival which celebrates the protection of Fire House No. 9 and the historic buildings in general. Costumes, food, and a high school band highlight the event.

One of the Most Desirable Places to Live in Austin

Thanks to the picturesque homes and buildings, community pride, and safe residential feel, Hyde Park Texas has become quite a popular place to live. What it lacks in parks and open space, it more than makes up for with shady, tree-lined streets perfect for relaxing walks and jogs and easy access to downtown Austin and the University of Texas.

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Whether you’re basking in the sun in the 2-acre Shipe Neighborhood Park, wondering what life used to be like while admiring the architectural beauty of the Elisabet Ney Museum, or taking a yoga class at the Hancock Recreation Center, Hyde Park has a small-town feel. In fact, people know each other… by name!

If you’re interested in small-town living in the middle of a vibrant metropolitan area, contact us to find the perfect home in Hyde Park. At the Texas 512 Team, we’ve worked hard to become the local experts on Central Texas real estate — let us do the work, and we’ll exceed your expectations.