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Living In North Lamar Texas

Just a few miles north of downtown Austin on Interstate 35 lies several quaint neighborhoods, each one unique in its own right. 

Diverse Food, Diverse Neighborhood in North Lamar

North Lamar Texas is just off the Interstate and has diverse restaurants, shops, and small businesses interspersed by modest homes and parks. The area has significant commercial activity and the charming brick homes are affordable. Here are just a couple of highlights:

  1. Chinatown Center — a 180,000 square foot complex with Korean, Vietnamese, and Chinese cuisine as well as spas, massages, hair studios, and topped off by the largest international grocery store in Central Texas.
  2. Brownie Neighborhood Park — part of the Austin Parks Foundation, the newly enlarged park now has 7.8 acres that are perfect for picnics and playgrounds.

Classic Austin Style Architecture in the Sleepy Windsor Hills

Imagine a charming brick house surrounded by beautiful old trees; a carport covering a couple of 1960’s Pontiac GTO’s; neighbors waving at you as they stroll along the sidewalk; and a sprawling yard with immaculate green grass. Sounds nice, right? Well, just on the other side of Interstate 35 to the east, Windsor Hills is beaming with such houses — a classic Austin style of life. The neighborhood is popular with students, families, and young professionals.

More than Meets the Eye — Backyard Agriculture in Crestview

Just a bit further south from North Lamar and Windsor Hills, Crestview is a unique neighborhood that also sports classic Austin style homes built in the 1950’s and 1960’s. What makes the neighborhood unique is the strong sense of community, and I’m not just throwing around that term lightly.

Urban Patchwork, an environmental design firm based in Austin, Texas, has teamed up with Crestview residents to create something truly incredible. Unbeknownst to most folks walking on the shady sidewalks is that behind many of the houses are mini farms. These small scale local agriculture ventures produce vegetables and eggs for the community. Additionally, Urban Patchwork has teamed up with Slow Food Austin, a non profit that focuses on providing local food, education, and activities, offering tours of the mini farms.

The best part about all three neighborhoods is the short drive to almost anywhere you want to go:

  1. Downtown Austin

Lake Travis

Walter E. Long Metropolitan Park

If you’re interested in finding a home in the North Austin Area, contact us. At the Texas 512 Team, we’ve worked hard to become the local experts on Central Texas real estate — let us do the work, and we’ll exceed your expectations.